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About Dr. Fares

Meet Dr Elie Fares - The Smile Maker

Selecting a dentist who prioritizes your oral health, while also excelling in the art and skill of aesthetic transformations, is key to securing a beautiful smile for life.

Our Philosophy

What truly sets Dr. Fares apart is his philosophy that a beautiful smile should last a lifetime. He is the only dentist in Lebanon who prioritizes the medical health of the teeth before embarking on aesthetic enhancements. This holistic approach has earned him the trust of generations of patients, who rely on him for unparalleled dental care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate patients as well as dentists on the necessity of thorough medical assessment and assured treatments before pursuing a natural, tailored, beautiful smile. We aim to elevate dental care standards, ensuring health and aesthetics go hand in hand.


Experience our advanced, Full spectrum Dental Services

Dr. Fares’ clinic is committed to delivering a wide array of dental services, designed to cater to your specific needs for optimal treatment and a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Comprehensive Consultation

We begin with a detailed examination of your oral health, including full-mouth photography, tooth-by-tooth inspection, panoramic views, and targeted X-rays. 

Hollywood Smile

A harmonious blend of ceramic veneering, composite veneering, and ceramic crowns meticulously combined to deliver your ideal Hollywood Smile.

Teeth Whitening

Choose between home whitening or laser whitening, tailored to your specific needs for a flawlessly white, natural smile without any risk to your gums.

Before And After

Smile Transformations

Witness the Before and After magic at Dr. Fares Clinic


Designed For Your Comfort

Our clinic is well-designed, from the entrance to the VIP waiting room, to the terrace with a 360° view, and the futuristic dental chairs. All these elements come together to meet your expectations and ensure full comfort while we work on perfecting your smile.


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